Thursday, 23 April 2015

Christian's First Football Match

How excited was I...  Christian decided that this year he was going to start playing Rugby League so our local team is Palmerston Raiders!  Check out some action snaps from our first game!  We won 40-0.  He is out on the far wing...  can't wait to watch him during the year

 Warm up time
 Let the game begin
I so can't wait till he grows!!!

 His coach is great with the kids... 

A day out of the office

So school holidays have arrived and I took the afternoon out of the office ( still working and answering the phone ) to spend with the kidlets are the Wave Lagoon at the Darwin Water Front....  I must admit... I miss taking holidays...

A little down time with one of my favourite scrapping mags :)


Sandy Creek Watch Post

So whilst we were at the dog beach we took off down one of the tracks and visited the Sandy Creek Watch Post for a look see as we do...  was a very long 800m from the dog beach but was a lovely walk with Deefah and the kidlets



 Someone was attempting to dry out!
 Would have been amazing to have seen what they guys would have seen back in the day

Dog Beach - Deefah is loving it

Check out the kids and Deefah, loving the dog beach in Casuarina!  such a beautiful day and our girl just loved the water!!

Loving the drags

So dry season is quickly upon us again!!! OMG so back into the drags we go!  Check out this beast

Pumping 17's down the quarter mile

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Check out this cloud

How cool is this cloud....  Sitting down at the drag strip enjoying the smell of methanoyl of the evening when I looked up and noticed this amazing cloud!

It was more amazing in person, the ol camera phone just doesn't quite catch it

Tennis Tournament

Loving the fact the kids are getting right into their tennis.  Here's a couple of action shots from the latest tournament they were in.

They were rocking it out playing doubles!!!

Anzac Day Research

So with Anzac day quickly approaching us, I found out I had a couple of men within our family who served in War and luckily returned home safe to us.


So can't wait to start looking into the archives to see what I can found out about their service.

On a different note, Caitlyn has completed an assignment comparing the World War 1 3 Day Iron Ration pack with that of the our modern day force ( single day ration pack ).  The result was a B+ and it was taken so very well by her class mates.  She even made her own batch of HardTack Biscuits to share with them!


What a fantastic job she did!  So proud of both my kids and how patriotic they are!

My new favourite food...

popped in the local supermarket and what did I find..  Kaleslaw...  OMG  it is now Caitlyn and mine's favourite exra for our meal!

WE are off to puppy school

Yes well given our girl is a Bull Arab, Wolfhound, Staghound Mix ( I know right, Toni, get a larger bred of dog! ), we thought she would be better off getting some training happening at an early age...  So we are are off to puppy school.  We have mastered, sit, down ( or stop ) and are working on roll over and stay...  She's so placid and is the top of her class... 

Must have been a big first lesson...

We will also be learning shake hands and hi 5!  Just what every puppy needs to learn

Breakfast nests anyone

So we attempted something new for breakfast and all I can say is OMFG!  They were delish and definitely not light on the cheese

A little hashbrown on the bottom, egg and bacon on top... yummo...
And then for dinner, we had a nice little lime panacotta :)

Second class down

So I've been asked to teach a class for the local scrapping store Scrap Matrix... 3 lo's in 3 hours...  Speed scrapping with lots of giggles :)

Here was my lo's from last nights class.  The girls just love them and I'm so happy they are...  Next month will be different again!

Been wanting to scrap these photos of my little girl in like forever and these papers were fantastic!

Better start scrapping some of these school photos before they both grow up too fast and I don't have them anymore


Had to have a bit of a play with my Lindy's :)