Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dinner date

Well Caitlyn is away at the moment so I decided to take Christian out for dinner for his birthday.... So we headed to seafood on Cullen... And as always we were not disappointed

Someone enjoyed his "first" plate of chicken wings.... Wasn't his last :)

And when dinner was done we headed down for the sunset... And again, Darwin didn't disappoint

And yes, that's Christians shadow you can see


Some creativity!

Chooks Cybercrop was also on the weekend and between parties and everything else that was goin on I managed a bit of creativity!

Darwin Remembers - Remembering the 70 year anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.

My priceless daughter doing what she does best... Act a clown!
Quick card whipped up

Happy Birthday Christian

Well it was my little mans 12th birthday party on the weekend so we celebrated with a minecraft theme party...

Boys.... You definitely know they are in the house

No I didn't make the cake but I was happy to pay someone for this piece of artwork!

Our spread

Chocolate rocks anyone? Nom nom

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Couple more Los

Even though it wasn't challenge driven these were created over the last couple of days... Love when inspiration hits!!!

Everyday Moment - Christian many years ago at Parap Preschool

Another one of my little man.  How quickly they grow

Photo a day

Check out our new snaps

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Too true

Some people should read this...

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Our first comp

Check it out... Our first competition and they are in different draws! Woot

Can't wait to get some action shots!

Gift bags anyone

These are so cute

Photo a day

Fat mum slim gives us prompts for photo a day... Here's a couple of mine

Gives a nice snap shot of what happens day to day

Happy Thursday

Another day another walk in the park... Here's some snaps from yesterday and today

Failed attempt at photo bomb lol

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Every girl should be shown this...

Girls - you must watch

I fight like a girl... You Wanna go?

Masculine card

Inspired by steampunk and some older PP, here is a Father's Day card I created

The Color Room

How could you not be inspired by these palettes

Hmmmmm I can feel the inspiration already starting....

August chooks challenges

If you are looking for some inspiration head over to Chookscraps for some Inspiration

Here is Emma's gorgeous sketch...

And what I was inspired to create

Loving being inspired to use older pictures of my babies

Waking up at Gunners

So going to have to do this again and soon. Was great to get away :)

Love the view!

Billy tea anyone?

Kids getting a ride :) they loved it

I don't know who had more fun... The little kids or the big one driving the truck

My girl

Christian helping out with the fire wood

Taking the dogs for a swim!!

Go Caity go

Selfie time

Coffee dog

Christian and thumper

Caitlyn and thumper

Loving the ol dirt track

So as has become a ritual, we headed home and stopped into McDonalds for icecream :)