Thursday, 28 November 2013

Go Green

Hmmm... This could explain a lot :) go the green!!!

Love a territory sky

What more can I say... The territory is pretty extraordinary!!!

School production

Nothing like a last minute surprise, Caitlyn said there was a school production on this afternoon at 1830... So off to school we go

Now we sit and wait....

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cyclone update #6

Check it out, Bureau is saying she's 265lkm away but unsure if the map is up to date... Check the formation at Channel Point.... Hmmm

Think she's already landed :) and it's just started raining

Cyclone update #5

Latest update : she's 395klms SSW of Darwin and cruising at a speed of 17klm/hr.

The weather in darwin is so interesting... I just took this photo as we are currently on a warning and yes the sun is out and the fans are on :)

These below we're taken this morning during our thunderstorm warning :)

I guess we wait and see what happens this afternoon

Cyclone update #4

Here's our latest report

So she's taking her time, still a cat 1 and is located 505klms SSW of darwin. It's been raining most of the morning but now we wake to a severe thunderstorm warning for darwin and the rural area...

Another day in paradise :)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cyber crop time

Well it's been a while but I popped into Chooks Scraps and what fantastic timing as they are midway through a cyber crop

Check out the details Here

Cyclone update #3

690klm west south west of Darwin :)

No rain since this afternoon... Lets see what tomorrow brings

Back to my scrapping desk, hoping the mojo comes back soon :)

Cyclone update #2

Ok so as of 4pm we are on a warning

Updated tracking map

Check out those rain clouds

Ooooo and more vicious clouds

So what do you do when on a warning, make cupcakes of course :)

Crazy clouds

Went for a cruise the other week and found ourselves being chased by this cloud front... We caught the start of it but managed to keep in front

Someone keeping an eye on us :)

First cyclone of the season

Well we have our first cyclone in the region for 2013.

This was the tracking map at midday today

These were the ugly clouds forming whilst I was sweating in the sunshine....

Although currently it is pouring down!!!

At least I will save on the water bill this month lol

Our chickens are laying

Check it out, the girls are starting to lay!

And I had one for breakfast this morning and it was so yummy!

Needing inspiration

The Color Room has done it again... Check these out

Classic christmas colours

Pastels for that white christmas

Awesome sketch... Feeling that mojo peaking out of that dark


I spent last week in Adelaide and I had a ball... 2 blocks away from
China town, I was destined not to go hungry :)

Cold was an understatement!

Selfie in the way to work! And no duck face in sight

Adelaide has some beautiful architecture

Sort the first afternoon out at Foxys and the wildlife that frequents her back fence was awesome

We even got to hear kookaburra babies call

Breakfast at the local cafe

Then off for a walk to chimatown

Rockin the welsh jersey :)

Had the best hot chocolate known to man on the way back to my room, if you are in Adeliade the Sanchurro house of chocolate.... Heaven in a cup