Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time for MudRacing

Loving tcr

The colour room has done it again!


Sometimes people need to remember this...

And if you don't like it, I didn't invite you to begin with!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Love completely... There is no other way

I love this on so many levels... For so many reasons... And they usually point to one source xxx

Another Tuesday, another throw lol

What can I say... There is a very familiar technique coming through :)

I'm sure she's not suppose to be laughing :)

Great job kids, as long as you continue to enjoy it, I will continue to hurry around town to make sure you are on time :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Birthday spuddies

Another great birthday surprise! Headed down to Nightcliff Foreshore to spend time with friends and have one of the notorious "spud man" spuds and some friends from the Motorsport fraternity surprised me with a cake... Made my day!

Another day in paradise :-)

Solar cars are in town

Yes the solar cars have hit darwin and what a sight as you pass one on the road

It's finished

Finally finished and oh so happy with it!

Thought if the day

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Best birthday!

Ok a quick post to say happy birthday to me for Monday gone :) my oldies sent me some lovely flowers to go with my recovery trax, the kidlets cooked me
Dinner and presented me with a food laminator ( that's a different story ), had a couple of laughs with my bestie :)

But the best present of all was this letter from my babies... Gonna be hard to top this one I think

Love to my babies, who continue to grow and make me proud. Xxx

A little creation

Ok it's not finished but its on its way...

It's the most i have done in months...

TCR you have done it again

What can I say, just more and more inspiration comes from the colour room... Now to find my mojo...

This site continues to bring it!

Or maybe Judo

The apples don't fall from the tree they say... Definitely not with my pair

Yes that blur at the door is Caitlyn throwing her little bro

Oh now this brings back memories...

Hope they stick with it, it's a great club

Tennis Anyone

So my kidlets have started tennis... And they aren't bad, even if mum does say so :)

Got a little blowy with the storm moving in

Run boof run :)

First good rain of the season

What can I say... The first rains of the season was a good one... Lightning, thunder and a bucket full of rain.

Looking a little ominous

And there she goes

Pick of the storm out at nightcliff foreshore, taken by Daniel McKey and taken from the mine news web page :)

Dear poor neglected blog

I am so sorry!! Promise to keep you a little more up to date :)