Thursday, 8 August 2013

X factor... You have done it again


No more needs to be said

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Honestly.... How good are new pillows...

I can feel the sleepy goodness now :-)

I want one....

Need I say more

Monday, 5 August 2013

You have to laugh

Welcome to the dog park

Forgot to mention that last weekend we took Camo to the dog park... Well it was lovely and a bit of an experience but I am sure with time Camo will love it

It adjoins another park where the kids stopped for five an had a play :-)

Photo bomb!!

So Camo and I decided to have a seat ( and water for two ) only to look up and find my kids sliding down the hill lol

I so remember that many MANY years ago

So as the sun set and the Mosquitos moved in we decided to head home, but not before I managed on catch this photo :)

Love love love this photo!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gunn Point continues

Well I have been wanting to find for ages the midden around Gunn Point so we went for a drive today, it's all burnt out so it makes exploring a little easier :-)

Only I found the hunting range???

Well who would have thought :-)

Shower time for the locals

Tehhehehe interesting title especially when you know where i live but check out the local birds... 

Must be getting damn dry if they are just sitting on the side walk drinking their fill

Adore Gunn Point

Another long weekend.... Which must mean a trip down to gunners to give the kids and dog a run on the beach LOL

Not bad for a winters day

here's poor camo waiting for me to open the back gate so he can stretch his legs 

There is actually two children and a dog there somewhere!
Camp fire was left behind so we decided to use it whilst we relaxed
Camo waiting for the leftovers
Waitin for mum to take him for a run
He found something of interest.... I still don't know what it was 
The kids took off... Followed closely by the dog lol
Keeping a close eye on the ocean... That's scary shit right there!
Sand dollar from hell... And yes it's in my palm not one of the kids!
Someone was ready to come home...

What an awesome day out only to be followed with Madagascar 3 down at the waterfront with my bestie, daughter and some of the Motorsport crew!!!

Awesome day all round :-) honestly, does life get much better

Drags anyone!!!

Great afternoon at the drags ( and night ), couple of big bombers banked around the sky only to land not long after but what a sight!

Not bad for a little ol camera phone 

Only to be followed up by Scott McLean setting a new track record... And this was the snap shot of the slower run!!!

He backed that up with a 5.685 on the last in of the night!

Loving the NT Motorsport 

Time for change

Ok first hair cut in more years than I can remember... But god it feels good

Then time for a home dye job... Lets hope I don't turn it orange or bright yellow :-P

Well that was a success... Now for a treatment to start rejuvenating it :-)