Sunday, 30 September 2012

A lazy Sunday

Here's a quick card I whipped up for mah moo today as she was performing in "showcase" and completely rocked it! She did so very very well!

Also attached is a picture of Caitlyn and Rebekah with her medals :-)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Camera play time

Well I was sitting back when I realised its a full moon tonight so up onto the car port I went, camera and tripod in hand to have a play

Here's the two pictures I am happy with but I am sure with more play I will get some great pictures!

Hope you enjoythem as much as I did taking them :)

Puff Dogs anyone?

Well it is the last weekend in September and with footy finals upon us I decided to make the kids some
Puff Dogs for dinner :-)

I added cheese into these! I love footy finals weekend

Here's my first two cards

Well I started to head downs stairs to start cleaning the spare room but found myself inspired

Here's the first of two cards thanks to Chooks Christmas Card Challenge 2012

Looking for some late September Inspiration

Well head on over to Chooks Scraps, where some of the main characters are away on retreat at the moment but we do have challanges that we can complete over the week!

The theme for this year's retreat is to dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name. To carry that along we have used the first letter of the DT's names to inspire the criteria for Challenge 1. But, if any of those are a bit overwhelming you may exchange it for that DT's favourite / signature embellishment or technique. The catch is you may only use ONE of the DT favourites and it has to be in place of their criteria.

Shara - Stamping (or use fabric)
Sue-M - Sanding (or use butterflies)
Lorraine - Lace (or add doodling)
Katherine - key / keyhole (or use glimmermist)

For challenge two we are revisiting the last four months worth of DT challenges set by you lovely ladies. Luckily you have been extraordinarily kind of late so here is the challenge, right back at you!

June criteria 1: Masking (Kathy)
July criteria 2: Washi tape or home made tape(Marion)
August criteria 4: Hearts (Emma)
September criteria 3: Paper tearing (Kim)


How much fun do they seem!

New Colour Palette is up... 130

Well its time that i got this creative mojo back into gear!  See below The Color Room's latest palette!  If the colours don't inspire you maybe the sketch will!

Happy Creating

How devine are those colours! and that sketch is a bit special!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Great racing Caitlyn

 Sports carnival went over a great success!  I had my zoom lens on and it was like trying to play Where's Wally in a sea of red shirts and red hats...  Can you spot Caitlyn  :-)

 The pool looked oh so inviting, plenty of parents and the teams gave it there all with the cheer squads belting out their cries all day!

 Here was my Caitlyn waiting patiently to be called up for one of her two races during the day.  First off, 50m Freestyle

 And yes, she must have spotted mum with the camera especially with that cheeky grin I caught!
 Here she is getting ready...  they had a bit to wait at the race before took a while to finish

 Go!!  Swim Caitlyn!

 She gave it her all and brought the field home.  Caught this funky picture as there was a circle letting light through the shade cloth and i just happened to capUn
Unfortunately the relays were cancelled as they run out of time but we had a great day out and Caitlyn did so well and made me so proud of her attempt at the freestyle!

Go Bennett!

Go Bennett!

Yes it is the day of the kids swimming carnival and its red all the way! GO BENNETT!

Here's a couple of snaps from early in the day... We are still to see Caitlyn rule the pool lol

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Back yard stage three

So what was next you ask??? Chain saw time :-) one of my best Father's Day presents - thanks Dad!

Looking around the pool yard you could just see how clumpy ( yes that's a word ) the palm trees were so what better way to lighting up the place, then some "light" pruning :-) Toni Style

Below is what's left of the middle clump and the one to the right!

A bit more tree fodder.....

And what i started with on my back fence
Now looks like this!

It looks so much better now that all the left overs have been placed in the trailer!

Back yard stage two

Well back out into the yard today for more destruction lol

Today was removing the tiles/bricks/edging so to bring the garden level with the fence line. Next step will be preping for some
Cement and some grass seed :-) one corner down

And with all that work what happened??? I threw a nail!!!

I love cable ties

The uses of cable ties are endless and it never ceases to amaze me!!! Today it was to fix the lawn mower, I threw a nut lol

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So true

"I'm not clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me, the tables & chairs are bullies, & the wall always gets in the way."

The fast and the furious!

Good bye pool fence

Well you have got to love holidays! Day one was inside and the washing - boring I know!

Day two - bring on the power tools! The plan is to move the pool fence and open up the yard so we am use it a little more effectively, so what does that mean? A little hard work and my angle grinder WOOT

Check out my little helpers after they got home from school