Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Darwin Show anyone!

Then we had the DArwin Show!  What a hoot!  The kids and I trekked around the show completing the yellow brick road!  Heres a couple of picks of our stops...

 Those balls were a hoot!Check Caitlyn out!

Got to love the Karts

As the dry season is in full swing, we have plenty of motor sports happening in the NT.  One of which was the NT Titles for the Karts followed the next weekend by the National Title!  Hold onto your panties!

I can't believe how quickly they travel around our track at Hidden VAlley!

 Oi!  you are headed the wrong way!  LOL

 I think he broke something !

It was a fantastic day out and the kids enjoyed the little tackers!  I think the karts weigh more then them!


Has it really been two months since I blogged....   OMG....  things have just been crazy busy, enough so that I can't believe it's nearly September.... 

Anyway I hope I don't bore you too much as I will upload tonight and update the last 2 months worth of activities in the NT!