Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Did some one say V8's!!!!

What a perfect weekend!!! Lowndes drove the wheels off that car... I am dirty I didn't have the camera for when he come from 20th or 4th.....  I don't think I sat down every time he passed...  he OWNED the hairpin and Corner 11...  OMFG... that man belongs behind the wheel of a V8.....

But anyway, here's some pics from Sunday... and I hope you don't mind cause they are all Vodaphone!!! plus a couple that I just happened to take pics of in the interim while I waited or the misfortune of SPLITTING their rims ( got to lov the safety contol on those! ) and dropping tyres on the track... EXCITEMENT PLUS!

Enjoy... I did... perfect weekend....  ooo and did I mention the ice break ute faired ok :-)

have i told you I hate blogger... trying to upload photos and it keep crashing... will upload some more tomorrow....

Formula 3!  and they were quick!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Show your true colors......

Go Queensland!!! Eyelids are having issues staying open but can't myself but to watch those boys in the maroon jumpers!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Off to get accredited

And how else would you spend a Sunday but at Hidden Valley of course!  Starting to think I should just pitch a tent during the dry as there is generally something on most weekends :-)  and trust me I am not complaining!

Went down today to sit the Introductory Module for CAMS.  What a great day, it was so well organised and got to spend it chatting with my bestie and having running jokes all the way through!  How else would you spend the weekend!

Anyways, here's hoping we passed the exam - it was open book and all  LOL

Go Thunder

Well Saturday night, we headed off to TIO stadium to watch the latest home game for the NT Thunder boys and what a game!  It was definately one sided and good to see out local lads win one after a 2 game loosing streak with a 22.11 (143) to 4.6 (30) thrashing!

Check out my little man getting behind out team!  He even got a footy at the end of the game which I think I will have to pry from his dead hands by the end of the day!