Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finally organised some presents

Well I have finally found the card I made for a friends birthday in Dec ** insert embarrassed smiley here! **

Here is the present I got her...  some spicy chocolate drink from Haighs Chocolate house, I am sure she will love it!

I have also made a couple of cards to accompany these presents for my niece and nephew and the kids cousins on the other side of the family

I am sure they will love them!

Lest we Forget - Anzac Day

And a typical day in the Thomas household, off to Dawn Service...  I always leave there a blubbering mess but I don't care, the service was beautiful and so moving...  Only had my camera phone but I did manage to capture a great pic of my pair!

 We sat right beside the band - they were great!

 As the dawn breaks....  

They shall not grow old,
As we that are left grow old, 
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn,
At the going of the sun,
And in the morning,
We will remember them...

My babies!

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Thank you to Bells

And how wonderful was it to come home after a couple of days away to some beautiful flowers...  Bells and the kids got me them to say welcome home...  So pretty

Did I tell you about one of the best day's EVA!!

well it was the Sunday before I flew out and I was heading down to Gunners with my kids when close friends said they were coming too...

After getting bogged ( and loosing my leading privileges ) which was fun we headed up the beach to setup the shades, cook some lunch and relax for the day...

We ended up playing some beach cricket, had a beautiful lunch, kicking the footy around between the 3 adults and 3 kids, then relaxing in teh creek whilst we watched some locals spear some rays..  WOW...  was pretty much close on perfect!

 The hole in which I was pulled out of  LOL  lucky the photo was taken from the clean side of my truck
 setting up camp!
 Kids in the creek
K kicking back in the shade!

And again I say... BEST DAY EVA!  Then home for a little homemade Pad Thai

Shopping with the girls

Last night in and i went into the mall with two of the girls I work with and into DJ's as they called it...  WTF???  I found out they were talking about David Jones and yes, I managed to get myself lost  LOL  Typical!

Here are some photos from the mall

 Loving the pigs!!!!  and then the girls introduced me to Haigh's chocolate house...  I was in trouble before we entered!

Check out mah bears!

Then off to dinner in China Town

and to finish the night out before I jumped on a plane, past this church ( can't remember it's name but the girls just had to see it! )

and the best thing about adeladie!

Was Minimelts icecream...  OMFG!  They are the weirdest looking thing but are to die for in taste...  now to wait for them to come to the NT...  HURRY UP!!!

This was the caramel popcorn flavoured one...  lucky we didn't get too much time to ourselves or I would have tried EVERY flavour....

Day two...

Well second day in Adelaide and what a long day, but got some great stuff out of it!

Here is the feature inside the hotel near the steps...  was very pretty

We headed out to dinner at the Boho Restaurant - very arty farty

and yes, i was taking photos of the dunny!

Off to Adelaide

Well I spent the week in Adelaide for work and I took way to many pictures...  love new places and seeing things I have never seen before...  some things I am still scratching my head wondering if people actually have mirrors as they had my eyes hanging out of my head for the "wrong" reasons  LOL

Here's some of the snap shots...

 Taken from the window of the plane...  got no idea where I was... apart from over the border  :-)
Check - engine working  :-)

 Building across the road, the brickwork was beautiful

Entrance to the railway station - across the road...

 View from my room at night out my little window

First night in freezing...

Headed off the gym in the morning only to find the pool on the roof also! 

Nothing iike a day kicking back with the kidlets

What could be better than kicking back with the kids...  went and got my nails done and both wanted a "pedicure"...  but first we had to go to Gloria Jeans for coffee and freckles  LOL

Love the sound of my kids laughing and having a great time, but check out the size of those freckles!!!

tehehe now here is a picture to bring out at his 18th  :-)

A few more creations... makes 53 this year and many more to come