Saturday, 31 March 2012


Who are you to judge me & the life I live? I'm not perfect & don't claim to be, but before you point fingers, make sure ur hands are clean. 

Colour Palette 104 is up...

Head on over to The Colour Room and check out this weeks palette, it nice and bright and the sketch is one to great those creative juices flowing  :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Quote of the day

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

what a beautiful poem

With you I can be fee cause I know you love me
You'll never judge anything I say and you'll let me be
Every feeling for you I make sure to show
You are the smile on my face if I ever feel low

You're a person who is the best so true and kind
Your love and soul took me years to find
Yet the whole time you were standing in front of me
Yet to the world around us it was so obvious to see

I'm lost in your eyes each time I connect with your heart
In my heart heart and mind you'll always be a part
These feelings continue to grow to the love of my life
You are my sunshine who took away all my strife

You are my eternal life the smile of my soul
Its your presence and love that keeps me whole
You are the dream I see every single night
A love between you and me I must hold tight

I fall in love with you every time I see your face
In your heart and mind I'll be and no other place
You are my shoulder to cry on, we were meant to be
Forever in each others heart, baby thank you for loving me

Sunday, 25 March 2012

New palettes are up

Here's the last 3 palettes, just noticed I never uploaded.... 

This was my take on palette 101 :)  The photo doesn't do it justice as it so much girlier irl

I have an idea for both of these it's now just a matter of time of sitting down and getting it done!  Don't forget if you like the looks of these hop on over to The Colour Room, lots of inspiration and palettes to have fun with!  we are only up to number 103  :)

Simple dishes for a Sunday

The kids and I started cleaning up the mess that we call home after not being here all week and coming home ill...  so simple lunch and dinner today so we could relax and try not to cause too much more of a mess.

Hot Dogs were had for lunch... and of course nothing is simple...

Caitlyn is cheese with tomato sauce
Christian is BBQ Sauce with mustard - no cheese
Mum is cheese with BBQ sauce with mustard   lol
So it was build your own dog day for lunch  :)

and then the kids just had macaroni cheese for dinner, but I ended up morphing a 4 cheeses packet of noodles into a beautiful salmon pasta dish with corn, peas, capsicum, button mushrooms, fresh parsley and spinach, shallots and topped with a little each cheese...

It was very yummy  :)

Did you know....

my my haven't things changed since I went to high school...  we had the local elections on Saturday and as I was walking out of the polling area I noticed this sign on the High School Canteen wall....

EFTPOS now available??  WTF????  wow how times are changing.... 

Saturday 24th March - Go Thunder!

Off to football we go!

and what a great start to the NT Thunders season with a 87 point thrashing of Morningside on Saturday night!  End Score 21.16 - 142 to 8.7 - 55.  They didn't stand a chance, our boys were just too strong!

 Presentation of the premiership flag

 Our mascot "Cracker"
 Local dance troupe entertaining at half time

My Caitlyn getting in the moment! was a wonderful night with great company!  5 weeks until the next game, should be a good one!

as for the rest of the week

it's a blur as I have been pretty sick...  Got this damn "virus" back and it has knocked me for six and then hit it again for good measure...  5 days in and still got the rash is impressive and a mouth full of ulsers from the temp to boot... hmmmm happy camper.  Went back to the docs on Sunday just to check everything out and more sleep, drugs, and try not to talk too much with my mouth the way it is  LOL  good luck with that I say

20th March - Gala Dinner Time

Yes another day, and more presentations...  and I must say, to start the day off we met Sarah Murdoch for our Vaalia Breakfast presentation, and this lady is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures.  She is one of those people who just radiates beauty...  Very special moment meeting this lovely lady, and she has such worthy causes  :-)

Then it was onto our Oak Teaser where we got to dunk our head company legal eagle, lunch then to our Ice Break Afternoon Thriller where I got second in both the quizzes, just needed to be that .5sec quicker to take out the top price...  Bit like our V8 drivers hey  LOL  well maybe not, I was sitting on my arse pushing a button  LOL  but hey, it's a nice thought!  And the UTE for 2012 looks fabbo!

Once this was all said and done, the final wrap up was completed then off for showers, 60 minutes downtime ( that went all too quick ), then back to the main hall for the Gala Dinner...  somehow in the day I was nominated to judge the best dressed male for the night with a colleague who judged the best dressed female...  There were some outstanding get ups, the winner did a Chopper impersonation that even I had to look at twice just to be sure he wasn't a speaker for the night!

Here's a couple of snaps of me getting ready and of the night!

 Just gorgeous darlings  LOL
 all decked out and ready to go!
 The Dame...  She had me in giggles, as she addressed everyone as they walked through the doors
 All the dames together, and yes, some were better than others.... some were just downright scary!
Rob Carlton our host, he was also there last year.  Just a quick happy snap before my quick escape for the night.  From looking at the heads in the morning, they said a club opened up about midnight for those wishing to party on and didn't close until after 4....  so glad I left when I did... 

19th March - kids are all smiles

and it definitely looked like my kidlets were having fun...  I'm sure there was still some room on that bed after the kids jumped in

19th March - Yandina Station

With a couple of hours free, i dropped back the hire car and headed down for a look at the beach..  wow it had been so long since I felt clean sand inbetween my toes and stood knee deep in the waves without fear of a snappy log or stinging jelly...  just the sound of the ocean and the smell made me long for the coast...  to be able to swim daily and walk along the sand...  maybe again one day... 

Then it was back to the resort, shower, change and get ready for registration!

Well after a fun filled afternoon blowing our minds with one of our pillar brands, we hopped onto a bus and headed to Yandina Station.  It was established back in 1853 and is a working cattle property ( just a little smaller than the ones in NT if you know what I mean  ;-P )

The character in this place was simply breathtaking....  although I am still at a loss why they had the old tree lit up all blue???  Must be a Queensland thing  LOL

 Yes that is an inflatable soccer square - Pauls is now a sponsor of the Brisbane Roar Soccer Team so they were willing to give everyone a kick...  hmmmm I don't think my steel caps are the right attire for this game  lol
Shed where the food and drinks were.
 The glowing blue tree...  I know....  why????

18th March - Off to Hyatt Regency Coolum

Well Sunday the kids and I headed off to Queensland, the kids for a 3 day holidays with Nanny and Poppy, and for me, our National conference to explore and gain knowledge on how we are to build our exciting brands!

That was my room that I shared with Erin from our Bne office.  Definately didn't spend as much time as I would have liked on my balcony  ;-)

17th March - NT Titles for Mud Racing

Hold onto your knickers girls.... Saturday night was the NT Titles for the Top End Mud Racing Association and what a night!  Numerous rollovers, 3 cars completely trashed, 1 broken collar bone, the fluro oompa loompas and a visit from Santa...  What could be any more territorian  LOL

Check out some of the snaps

Check out Santa's shorts and his shoes and socks  lol
 These guys arrived in full fluro yellow gear and obviously sat a little close to the fence! 

will have to remember to take my camera next season, the poor camera on my phone just doesn't do it justice!  October seems so far away before it all starts again  lol

Now that mudracing is over for another season can't wait for the drags to start!  WOOT!

15th March

Finally got my watch back!  It has been months but it is so very precious to me, I am just so glad that they were able to repair it  :)

Check it out!

Like a new one  :)