Monday, 30 January 2012

I got published :)

I didn't actually believe it until I saw it in print!  Scrapbooking Memories Vol 14 No 4, and it is one of my old favourites "Remember our Fallen" about Rememberance Day...  Woot Woot!

First submission first acceptance...  it will never go like that again  LOL  But I can enjoy the moment :)

That's me at the bottom  :)  Doing a happy dance!

not happy with this one

looks like I am going to redo this one, feels like it is missing something...  add anything it looks funny...  maybe leave it and have a look later :)

Some devistation from our low last week

Here's some pics of the damage that was done on Tuesday night caused by a low off Darwin.  These idiots were out "crabbing"... 

High tide is a bitch!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

CCCC #5 is up and looking good!

Thanks to Shara who created this beautiful card!  Can't wait to give it a go!

Sunday 29th January

as I sit here and type it continues to rumble outside...  The weather this afternoon has been awesome!

Here s a couple of pics from the way home today and what we got as we pulled into the driveway

 rain sweet rain....  lets see what this week brings...

More creations

Just a couple more... got a card pack from spotlight and these were the result... was lots of fun and BG to boot!

28th of January

Took the kids out for dinner on Thursday night to the local restaurant in Palmerston.. we had a ball

and the food was divine

TCR palette is up... looking good as always

check it out!

27th January

What do you get when you have a Thomas, Power tools and an item that just doesn't quite fit the hole it was  made for!  ALOT OF MESS!  Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in watching my partner in crime cutting my bench to take photos but I am now the proud owner of a dishwasher ( was given to me ), Angle Grinder and a reciprocating saw  YEEHAA!!!!  I don't know if it was me scared of using the grinder or Craig worried about me "using" the grinder but he was a savior!  It would have taken me ages!!!

And on the bright side, it now fits  :)

26th January - Happy Australia Day

well not much happened hear, watched a couple of movies, cleaned some cupboards, mowed the lawn, cleaned up the yard of all the crap... hmmm nothing like a relaxing public holiday off!

yes I know, check out the spunky hat  LOL

and did I mention my cupboards... don't think I have emptied them since I moved in but hey, why not!

all I can say is YUCKIE and before my mother comments, no mum I didn't put it all back in there, most of was out date so I threw it away :)

i don't even know what that was or is now but it's gone!  thank god!!

And dinner, definiately not traditional, was Pad Thai home made of course  :)

25th January

Well I said I felt it in my waters and I was right....  check out what I found on Wednesday morning!

Rain, Wind and broken trees!  The BOM said we had over 9 inches of rain in the last 18 hours... I would believe it and it looks like all the australia day events are cancelled :-( Oh well, there is always next year