Sunday, 30 December 2012

Zombie apocalypse anyone

Someone has way too much time on their hands!

Classic Territory humour

Another day in paradise

What can I say... Sunday afternoon at the water park, a bit of scootering and a storm brewing in the horizon :-)

How sweet

Look what I found when looking through my phone

New swimmers for Caitlyn

The old ones just fell apart so my little girl chose these...

And boof couldn't help himself but to photo bomb Caitlyn's photo lol

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Are you serious... Hot Cross Buns already

Yes... That is exactly what I found on the 27th of December... Hot Cross Buns... Now all we need is room to be made for the Easter eggs :-(

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Morning

The kids had a ball christmas morning opening all their presents, I think they counted each of their piles every day for a week prior to make sure one didn't go missing...  but as you can see they ended up on the couch "testing" their laptops before the festivities began :-)

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Christmas Night by the pool

What better way than having dinner only to freshen off in the pool... Here are the lantern lights we put up and we had flashing fairy lights all along the fenceline too...  Add a couple citronella lamps and it was very cool to see...  and not a mozzie in sight!


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Kids, Christmas and a Chocolate Fountain

Now this can only end well  LOL  We had a ball with the fruit, marshmellows and chocolate....

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Loving these little guys.. Check out my snow men

Ok Christmas table is a little different than last year, we have snow men and Mrs Claus gracing us!  Check em out, aren't they cool!


Any excuse to have fun with my camera!  Can't wait till tomorrow until friends join us for the festivities!
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Christmas Table looks fantastic

A big thank you to my little girl who helped me with the Christmas Table. She chose the colours of blue and silver this year so the tree is decked out and now the table is too.

Will upload some more pickies of the snowmen soon :-)

Food is all prepped

Well Christmas cooking is well under way... The ham is ready for the oven
Tomorrow, the chocolate mud cake puddings created, caramel bruffins just need some banana, prawns look delicious!

Lots more food will be had...

Merry Christmas to me

Why not I say... I bought everyone else a present, why not me too. This is the smallest of three matching plates and I just adore them

An the lights are up

After some challenges and patience wearing thin we finally got the lights up around the pool yard and up high. The lanterns look amazing at night and the fairy lights around the fence line rock. Just a pity it had rained so much or I would have finished painting the fence!

We also have some citronella lamps around to keep those bities at bay :-)