Wednesday, 30 November 2011

busy again!

 Pics from Kalana's trip to Paris!  Thanks for the pics of Morrison's grave!  Hope you like the pages that will become your Europe album :)

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy!

Funny for the day...

Well it's mine!

Finally I am a home owner and it's all mine!  YAY!

Sorry bad pick but I don't care  :)

My lillies have opened

How beautiful are these, the flowers are starting to open on the flowers my little sister sent me...

Plus I was playing with my new filters I have for my camera :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Treat Basket

Made some of these gorgeous little Treat Baskets and uploaded the instructions over at TSO.  Great for every occasion, but even more special coming into Christmas.   Fill them full of treats and share the festive sentiments!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday must be the longest day of the week

Just looking at what we got accomplished today, I'm amazed that the kids were not passed out any earlier  LOL

When we got home from the library it was into the yard to mow the lawn and do the pool...  My little man wanted to mow the lawn ( and it was hot enough for me to agree ), but looking at these pictures a pair of shoes and ear muffs would not have gone astray!  Oh well, next time!

 Push that mower boof!
 yes the back yard didn't get missed!  Mind you locking the gate tonight I did notice alot of grass did :-D
 Caitlyn trying to hide from the camera whilst scooping out the leaves
 Caitlyn asked for Shepherds Pie for dinner and here it is!
 Yummy, chocolate puddings with home made custard was a winner for dessert
 Corn meat for lunches was also done!
 Butterfly cakes for lunches!  The kidlets decorated these with hot pink icing I made
ooo and some individual baked cheesecakes that are cooling now in the fridge..  Oh so nice with some cream and fresh fruit!

Anyway better get some zzz'ds before work tomorrow!

Strange request...

Seeing as though we didnt find the book Caitlyn was looking for in QBD today, she wanted to go to the library!  Why not I said... I have a card, never used it ( got to love the interwebs ), so off we went!

Mind you she is nearly 1/2 way through the book already!

More sunday fun

As we were strolling around we come across this stand selling iron animals, my kids just fell in love with the geckos!  The largest one they had was 2.2m tall! OMG!

 Geckos!  These would look great if I was more organised  LOL
 There was a story board we read about the wood that makes these chairs, but for the life of me I can't remember!
 ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!  This one plays the drums!  I spent a good 20 minutes in with all the elmos and setting them all off in the shopping centre  :)  Big kids love to play too
 Caitlyn's next travel pillow so I was informed today!
 This is what boof wants for Christmas??  I don't even know what it was
 Puffles anyone??  Even I knew what these were, I must spend too much time watching the kids play "Club Penguin!"
Caitlyn found this stand and told me we need to get one of everything for our Christmas table??  Are you kidding me!

Sunday in the Top End

Well another day down and its time to relax

As always, we popped our for Sushi and the bookstore

 Caitlyn enjoying her Chicken and Tuna Gunkan
 Christian enjoying his chicken snitzel before his octopus balls arrive

mmmm sushi and miso soup!  YUMMO!

What a great night!

Well I have just gotten home from our Annual Adults Christmas party for the social club at work, and what a night!  Theme was 1920's Flapper and Gangster night - I went as evil Jessica Rabbit ( minus the red hair! )

As there are only two committee members at the moment, my partner in crime Karen Strong did a wonderful job!

Here's a couple of snaps from the night!

 The tables looked beautiful with the candles in the middle...  later they were covered in party popper streamers, and streamers which definately highlighted the fun that was had!

Helen and I hamming it with a stolen present from the Christmas tree

 My team!  Karen, me and Bells!  What a spunky bunch!
 The annual up close and personal with Bells and me!
The president and secretary of the social club!  Hopefully we will get some more committee members next year!  Can't wait to see everyone else's photos!

Time for bed now...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Love my little sis

Check these out!  I got a call this morning asking if I was home for the delivery??  Now who delivers on a Saturday, the next thing I know is that i have flowers, balloons and chocolates arrive!  How gorgeous are they!

Thank You Kalana!  Love you bunches :)

another couple of lo's

 Another couple of los from the week, I have more but I seem to have miss placed them  LOL

Will have to find them as they are for the challenges for next month, but here's a couple to keep the days ticking over!
A Present I got for my birthday, the Blue Morpho from Peru, it is so beautiful and so very special

Chook and a mate in Europe, adore the saying!

New Palette is up

Yet again another yummy palette at The Colour Room!  Now just to find the time to get creative!

love the rich colours!

Another week, another game of netball - This time Anula!

Check out my girl!

The whole team played really well seeing as though they are a gr 3,4,5 mix, and the other team was year grade 5-6 mixed!  But Caitlyn was getting some definate air time in the 46-0 loss

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ever had one of these days?


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

And the countdown is on....

Only 7 more days until the contract settles on the house!  Wow I can't believe it's finally all falling into place!  Fingers crossed nothing falls through from here!

We all know it's true!

Chuckle for the day

And for those who know me...  need I say more!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dinner with mates

Well I headed out for dinner tonight with my mates, Bells, Kazza, and JB from kununurra, and outback jacks was the destination!  SO FULL!  But on the way out the door I heard a rumbling and what we managed to see on the way into town was beautiful!

The sun beaming through the clouds as we were just ahead of the rain!  WOW!  This is what Caitlyn managed to catch on my phone!

And here is the crew!

Great night, great food, great mates!  Here's hoping we get to do it again soon!