Sunday, 30 October 2011

I think the end is coming...

Well I just popped outside to check on my friendly hole in the ground and now more of the path has lifted to a point as you can see, the middle of the "Dry" part is starting to leak..  This is because it is SO SWOLLEN!

The pictures I posted earlier at about 2 foot from the right hand side of this picture....  I really do hope tomorrow hurries so they can fix it...

I just hope this isn't about to occur  :-P    And don't worry Tania, I have the floaties all pumped up and ready to go ;-)

Presenting the Holloween Cupcake

Well as i said earlier we were going to attempt to make some cupcakes, so we started with the chocolate mould...

Mixed the batter for the cupcakes
Put them in the cupcake maker - kids can help much more but still have to be careful of little fingers
Mix the orange buttercream icing
and you get Halloween Cupcakes.  Not bad for our first attempt!

Wish us luck

Well the kids and I are going our first holloween this year ( well its someone else's street party and I'm dropping them off ) but I promised to make some cupcakes..  This could be interesting, especially when you look at the state of my house as I spent all last night scrapping  LOL

We are going to be making vanilla cupcakes, with chocolate centres, orange icing and hopefully all going well chocolate bat for the top!

Here goes!

Oh my... better start pumping up the floaties!

Well the kids and I have just returned from doing a little shopping on our Sushi sunday and I really think I will need the floaties soon!  This leak is just pumping water out at an alarming rate...
 it is now bubbling about 3-4 inches out of the ground across nearly 1/2 of the path!  as you can see from the above picture the path is also lifting!
 The orange is the dirt that is being washed up from beneath the path
Water running over the "fire hydrant" is about 3 inches deep and flowing quite quickly now...  i so hope they get it fixed tomorrow....  or I don't get washed away in the mean time ;)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Yes it's that time of the year to tick all the boxes and make sure I am ready for Christmas.  This year I am planning the day hopefully in my own home, so I will be inviting a couple of close friends who I adore.

Here's on the cards that will be making its way around Australia via Aussie Post this year, each one is a little different from the next, either due to the stamped and coloured image or the PP I have used :)

Yo Ho Ho

Its getting worse

Well this "leak" in the laneway is starting to worry me as when I popped out to the shops this afternoon it had gotten worse.  Check it out!

I don't even want to imagine what it is going to be like in the morning???

Icecream Sandwich anyone?

Never ever go shopping when you are hungry, that's a bad move...  Decided the kids and i would have pasta tonight for dinner but on the way to the pasta I happened to look into the icecream fridge ( which I don't usually worry about ) only to see some icecream slices...  Hunger kicked in and I thought how wonderful would icecream sandwiches be after our dinner.. 

So I added some fruit and tada, there's dessert :)

For a special friend

I was chatting away to a girlfriend on Wednesday night, as we usually do, have 10 different email topics on the run, and she sent me this precious photo of one of her cats when she was a kitten.  Now this lovely lady is very dear to me and when she said she has been struggling to scrap it I thought, what a lovely suprise and see if I can do it justice and then she would have a lovely reminder.

This is what resulted, sorry the photo is pretty crappy as I am currently taking photos on my phone and it's not the best!

Now to get it in the post for her!  Hope she loves it just as I did making it for her!

Plan for Saturday...

As I sit here with Caitlyn wondering what to do for the weekend, I am reminded that Breaking Dawn is only a couple of weeks away...  Looking at the trailers I don't think this one will be as kiddie friendly but she is dying to see it!

We have chicken wraps on the go for lunch, but I think this afternoon will find me at the scrapping table, finishing off my last lo for my TSO Kit layouts, also need to finish the technique challenge for November...  got a couple of ideas but struggling to get it onto paper LOL  That doesn't help one bit I tell you!

Anyway if I need any inspiration, I'm sure with The Colour Room palette will get those creative juices flowing!

How divine are those colours!

Even more water running down the drain

Well i posted earlier in the week about my "leaking" laneway, well upon investigation this morning it has gotten WORSE!!  Check out these pics.  Not only is it coming from the hole, but also through a crack in the lane..  Just hoping none of my dirt gets washed away with it!

 Water gushing out of the laneway "crack"
 it's bubbling out about an inch and a half out of the "crack"

 Looking toward the hold which I can hear bubbling up from the ground from my balcony!

 Lots of water!  Hope they get it fixed on Monday!

More good storms

you always know its going to be a great day when you wake up to the sound of thunder and the flashes of lightening @4am in the morning, only to get up later to find it still overcast...  Oh for the option to stay in bed!  This was my dilemma on Thursday...

So I kicked back on my balcony for a while, listening to the rain fall and dance across the pool...
 Love running my fingers along the metal beams to feel the cool water as it falls.

Then there was the drive to work...  Chatting away to the kids, getting ready for the day only to look in my side mirror to see the sun peering through the clouds.  How could I miss that :)

Have a great day all!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ever wondered why your grass is REALLY green

I am SO not the brightest spark...  over the last week I have noticed my lawn getting greener and greener, just thinking it was the couple of rain showers we have had I didn't pay much attention, until the weekend where I noticed the torrent of water running down the laneway...

First thought...  I don't remember leaving a hose on...  but mind you. it wouldn't have been the first time...

Second thought...  Hang on that's not coming from the hose, it's coming from the fence line!

Third thought...  go and investigate it!  LOL  took  me a while but I got there.  Finally called the authorities who currently have it fenced off but it's just gushing water and you can't actually tell where the pipe is, apart from its under the lane way somewhere and it appears to be running into my yard also!  Not a good sign when I am just about to purchase the house!

 Yes that is a hole in the path, it's about 15-20cm in diameter!
 Flood zone!
 Glad it's them cleaning up and not me :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love my staff!

You ever had one of "those" days where you just wished you could disappear even for 5 minutes and collect your thoughts??  well today was one of those days and the lovely ladies I worked with must have been feeling the same as low and behold, after lunch one of the girls ducks out and picks up a delicious cheesecake shop Chocolate Cake...

 and as you can guess it didn't last long...  Then one of them thought they would be smart and make me coffee in the cup they purchased for Christmas... I must admit it does make me smile, especially when my girls ask if I have the pink or red undies on for the day  ;)

They always know when I need a pick me up, lucky I know them well enough to return the favour when they need it!

Start of the rains....

Well yesterday and today have brought some awesome light shows and heavy rains to the top end...  Here's what the trip to work looked like this morning!

You don't realise you miss the rain until it starts again... Mind you, give us a month or two of this, ad we will be wishing for the dry again to head out camping :)

Another Lo, another sneak peak

Another sneak peak for the November Kit for TSO, it sure is yummy!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Great day at the track

Just when you thought the motor sports were over for the weekend, we headed down to Hidden Valley to watch a mate of mine race around the track.  Caitlyn and I had a ball!   Nothing beats the sound of a V8 engine humming down the straight at Hidden Valley!

 Here we are in the pit area, obviously we were in No 22 for the day!
 Here's Caitlyn and a girlfriend amusing themselves ;)
Boys pulling into pit lane!

Now we have just had a swim and time to watch the last 1/2 of the Gold Coast leg of the V8 supercars

Here's the first sneak speak

As I said earlier I have to design 3 lo's for the November Range kit...  There are some beautiful Studio Calico papers, Trimmings Felt, blossoms, bling, Chipboard elements, ribbon, ricrac and a rubon.. This is the first sneak peak for the month!

Stay tuned to the next sneak peak!  I will also be completing the technique challenge for November...  Lots of goodies to share :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mud Racing Season has started!

The first round of the TEMRA starts tonight and the kids and I can't wait! 

 Nothing beats watching suped up cars battle one another up to their gunnels in mud!  Unfortunately we only have 6 rounds, one a month over the next 6 months ( of buildup and wet season ), but it's definatley worth a watch.
As the sunsets over hidden valley with chairs setup on the hill, we sit and just wait for that first race to begin!  And trust me it's not for the "princesses" in us all.  Here's a pic of last season and as you can see, try and stop the kids from getting dirty!  Anyone got a gearny!

November TSO Kit Peak

I have just received my gorgeous parcel from The Scrappers Outlet, to design 3 lo's for the November Range kit...  There are some beautiful Studio Calico papers, Trimmings Felt, blossoms, bling, Chipboard elements, ribbon, ricrac and a rubon..  Now this is going to be fun..  I will post some sneak peaks later once the lo's are done but to see the full lo's you will just have to purchase the full range kit to see not only mine but Janelle's beautiful lo's :)

Here's some food for thought!

Enrolled in a Photography Masterclass! Can't wait!

Well I own a Pentax Digital camera which I adore but I have been wanting to know how to take better photos, especially of those precious Darwin Sunsets and presentation nights for the kids for starters.  I was surfing and managed to pickup a ticket for $65, for a course worth over $950.  Its for 4 hours and I can't wait!  Only 4 more weeks to go  LOL

New Members Challenge is up @ TSO

Well we have a new members challenge over at TSO, pop on over and give it a go!  It is there to honour Pink Ribbon Day!

Must be a monochromatic PINK lo for Pink Ribbon day
1 cardstock
2 PP

Hope you enjoy!

Look out world, here comes Caitlyn

Well it was a typical NT buildup afternoon, storm in the back ground, thunder and lightening...  and Caitlyn's first Netball game.  I was SO proud!

First quarter she played GS and the  remainder she was GD or GK.  They were suppose to be Gr 4/5 but as you can see by the monster she was up against, a couple of the Grade 6's jumped in the give them a hand...  it has been the only time I have ever looked at Caitlyn and thought she was so little :) 

 Caitlyn and Thia

 You go girl!  Defend!

 I hope that she enjoys it as much as I used to as I can't wait to be cheering her on the sidelines for many years to come!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

And the end result of the TSO members challenge is...

Thank you to Lesa for a fantastic challenge, this is what eventuated on my desk!

 Below is the lo that I created for Tracey's challenge - 2 pieces of chipboard, a butterfly, brads, rubons , bling & premade flowers...  Photo makes the paint look really dark but you can hardly see it when looking at it irl

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm getting published

a little while ago i got a little balsy and decided to submit a lo for submission to Scrapbooking Memories and it got accepted...  I got the email last night to say that it will be in Volume 14, No 4...  I'm so excited!  I spend many hours thumbing through SM in awe never to think one of mine would EVER be published!

Whooo hooooo!!!!!  doing a little happy dance!

and if you are looking for more still...

Duck on over to Chooks where they are currently scrapping the weekend away during their October Cybercrop!

So ladies, get creating!!!  Once the challenges are done I will post them :)

If you are looking for an extra challenge to pass the weekend....

Duck on over to TSO where our weekly members choice challenge has been set by Lesa Bird.  It is

Chalk or pens
3 pattern papers
2 cardstock
1 Charm

and this beautiful sketch by Lesa herself!  What a clever lady she is