Saturday, 31 December 2011

more creations

Friday, 30 December 2011

more lo's

Got some more lo's to share but I will have to wait until I get home from work today, going to do the early stint to get home to my babies, as I am suppose to be on holiday  **insert rolling eyes here**

Anyone for Crochet flowers

Ok Ok so I can't crochet but it doesn't hurt to share the love and instructions on how to make Becky Fleck's 5 petal crochet flowers.  I know I have checked them out on some of her beautiful work and they look divine!

As she says, "even if you've never crocheted a day in your life, this is a super easy, little flower to make and you only need to learn four basic stitches to make one yourself! "  Sorry Becky - believe it when I see it!  LOL  or when I pick up a crochet hook  ;-P

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Couple more lo's

Yes, I am still on holidays... what gives it away!

Herringbone technique from the Technique Challenge @ TSO

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

151 lo's ytd and I dont think I am done yet LOL

Another two... nice to get some christmas lo's out of the road in the same year that they occurred  LOL

Back to the desk I go now that I have finished work for the day :)  Could get used to this 3 hours a day  ;-P

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Going Postal - a Terry Pratchett film... a must watch

Over the last two weeks there has been a great show on ABC called Going Postal.  What a great two part story with fantastic characters and there are so many things that are said that you can relate to modern day!  Great way to spend boxing day!

Christmas is over... back to the scrapping desk

a bit of creating...  looking forward to plenty more in 2012

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone

Wishing you all a safe and merry christmas, play nice this festive season :)

Now for some sleep before the festivities begin :)

and it's done

My final Christmas present is finished...  with not a second to spare!

Just loved this project, I hope she does too :)

Christmas lights

Well we headed out tonight and checked out all the Christmas lights and I must say they were amazing!  The skyline was just as impressive... so many different formations in the sky, nature is a beautiful thing

 The impressive lights!

Check out my Christmas Table

Well the table was finished today, Caitlyn and i had a ball putting it together... now to make room for the food!

We are finally on a warning

Even though our low still hasn't progressed into a cyclone according to the Bureau of Meterology its only a matter of time and they shall call it Greg

This was the map at 8pm tonight but what do territory kids do when a cyclone looms....  go outdoors of course!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Getting festive in every room of the house

Couldn't help it when I seen this today!

So I got two  LOL

Friday, 23 December 2011

Latest Creation

Scraplifted this from Sue-Maree over at Chook Scraps, her lo was beautiful

Cyclone Update 7

This low is all over the place, going to make an interesting weekend!

Anyone for Cheese Tim Tams?

You have to go be kidding me!  These are only available in Indonesia, what a crazy crazy idea!  Check out the link

Colour Room Palette 90 is up!

Love it Love it Love it

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cyclone Update #6

Geez, it doesn't know which way it wants to go... must be female  ;-P

Santa isn't delivering presents this year ;-P

Santa sent me an email stating he's tired of delivering toys.  That he's too old to be flying all night across the globe and that starting this Christmas, he's sending his son, Santa Jr...

Ho Ho Ho...

Merry Christmas to all, behave so that Santa Jr. goes down your....  chimney

Place tags for Christmas day

Ok I must be loosing my mind but I am definately enjoying relaxing this holiday period!  I have made the place tags for my Christmas table, all 6 of them  LOL

Here's mine...  The kids names are written in a different colour but they are all the same!

Pretty happy with these, lucky I had the Christmas holly die already downstairs for the cuttlebug!

Truffles anyone

Caitlyn and I made mint infused truffles today - Gordon Ramsey, your recipe rocks!

 we run out of flake so we started to use crunchie :)
 check out the hands!
The finished product and yummo!

Cyclone Watch update 5

So we wait and watch...  all my cyclone kits are tested, just need to check the genny and batteries tomorrow.

Update on Cyclone - Advice 4

still looking at Christmas Eve before it develops, lets keep those fingers crossed

The tree guys are back again

And they are chopping down all the trees I have wanted to <ah hem> get rid of for the last 7 years!  Woot Woot

There is a such an exact science when dropping these trees, they are amazing to watch!

And the baking has started

Kids and I whipped these up today...  Got to love the royal biscuit, white chocolate, jaffas and the good ol mint leaves...  they come up a treat!

Tracking update 2

Update on the tropical low

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

God my pair are characters

took the kids up to the shop today and Caitlyn wanted to spend some of her birthday money!  So off to Gloria Jeans we went to order a "large" cookies and cream chilller, and two freckles, one for her and one for christian...  Look at them both eargerly awaiting caitlyn to be called...  my big dags!

Well they said it would happen... we are on Tropical Cyclone Watch

They said it would happen, they predicted we would have one before Christmas and here is the first sign...

We are now under Cyclone watch as of 5:01pm this afternoon

Lucky I am all organised and on holidays so I can make those extra couple of preparations, it's not going to help with the frenzy at the shops thou :-(

Finally finished my project

I created this for my family as a way to remember my little sister, it is to remember the good times and the precious memories we have, and to celebrate her

Kym Maree

Now to get them into the post!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Whats on the menu you ask

Well Christmas dinner/lunch is planned, Karen has the Turkey covered and I have the prawns and ham...  This is a pic of what is on the menu ( minus the cloves )

Here's the corner where everything else is being kept until I need to dress the table...  Good luck finding anything :)

Yo Ho Ho  LOL

Cybercrop Time!

Been over at Chook Scraps participating in the December Cybercrop, head on over if you want some great challenges to pass the time this holiday season :)

Back to the scrapping desk for me, I have two challenges to go then over to see what others I have left for the month!

Yo Ho Ho

Forgot to post this one yesterday, we went up to the shops only to find the best Santa EVER!  He was hi-5'ing the kids, singing carols, now this is a guy that loves his job!

Tree in the centre of the shops

Super Santa
Hi 5's all round!
Smile for the camera!